AI unconference 2 gx

Date: 23rd January 2018
Time: 7pm to 10pm

The Mission

  • To create an authentic forum for the exchange of ideas
  • To allow everyone to learn and grow
  • To give hope for a positive future


Who do you believe? Musk, Gates and Hawking who worry about a future where AI is so dominant that the future is dystopian. Or do you go along with  Zuckerberg, Dr Kaku and Kurzweil and believe the future is positive?

No matter what you think, the future is yet to be defined. If you read enough and talk to people about this subject it becomes apparent that negative conclusions are easier to reach and that fear is easily stoked by some.

This unconference wishes to chart a positive path of hope and to demystify some of the issues around AI. An unconference not only allows for active participation at the event but also in the planning of the agenda. Join in, you won’t regret it, maybe your ideas really do matter and should to shared far and wide.

Evening Event Plan / Timetable
6.30 pm set up begins
6.45 pm food will be available
7.00 pm to 7.30 pm food, nibbles, registration, networking
Time  Room 1  (capacity 70)
 Room 2 (capacity 20)
 Room 3 (Capacity 20)
 7.00pm  n/a – go to breakout room  n/a  n/a
 7.30pm  Intro: 1min Paul Imre
Moderator: 2min Eddie MaguireLeaders:
Nick Horslen
Dr. Daniel HulmeTopic: The Positive AI Future
 not planned but available  not planned but available
 8.00pm  Leaders:
Fernando Angulo
Karen RoseRobot In the Dock
– trial
– case for
– case against
– jury verdict
– sentencing
 Leader: Paul Imre

Basics of AI – from Scary AI to Xcel

Leaders: Raj Patel,Sam Nanji

Making data speak for itself

 8.30pm  Leaders:
Bret Freeman
Eddie McGuire Topic:
Are these the bots you are looking for?
Leader: Seena Saini

AI tools, an example from a Start-up

 Leader: Kyle Farren
Post-Scarcity London, From Urban
Revolution to Cyber Abundance
 9.00pm  Moderator:
Diane Richards Panel:
Nick Horslen
Daniel Hulme
David WoodTopic: Human Potential
 Leader: Jacqui Hogan

Panel: Nikita Parks, Charlotte Roberts, Seena Saini, Stephanie Verschoor, Mala Rastogi

Future of management in the post tech and robotic world

 Leader: Gurjit Sandhu
The Elephant in the Room
Seeking the truth.
 9.30pm  n/a – go to breakout room,
networking, wrap up
 n/a  n/a
 10:00pm  Closed  Closed  Closed
Kyle Farren:
Topic: Another Perspective

Event Location

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