Yes, No, Its complicated – the best minds in AI try to answer!

What is the question in AI? As with heavier than air flight, it was first thought about over 500 years ago, well before it could happen and even yet, 400 years later, and only 100 years from lift off, it was still thought to be impossible and more than another 500 years away. No one

12 days to go

Hello All, Only 12 days to go and we are on track with the numbers, the venue and the subject leaders. Numbers:  So far 66 have said that they will attend. This is great because our target was 60 to 70. We just need a few more recruits to cover the inevitable last-minute no-shows.

The Future is Dystopian or Bright?

The future is one of many possibilities and these possibilities range greatly in scope and outcome. The changes in technology that are predicted to occur over the next 30 years could have a profound effect on the way work is performed, food production, and the environment. However, as with all periods of great advancement that have

Life V Robot

The growth of technology has seen rapid advancements in the last several decades in many key areas. AI is growing in scope and capacity and is already being used in various parts of the modern world. As AI advances the concept of human-like robots becomes less the realm of fiction and more of a possible

Citizenship for a robot

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia recently awarded citizenship to a robot developed by Future Investment Initiative. Certainly, the entire event reads more like a publicity stunt than a sign of advanced robotic development or intelligence. Also considering Saudi Arabia’s current issues with women’s rights this event has an extra level of irony (see also describing the robot in purely

A diagram to help explain AI

This diagram was presented by Daniel Hulme, of Satalia, at the AIBE Summit 2017 and helps to describe the AI loop. The following is our interpretation: The Data, Insight, Action, Adapt cycle is commonly applied not just for AIs but for the general collection of data and how to make use of it. This original

An Idea Takes Shape

A meeting with Fernando Angulo and Nick Horslen very quickly turned into a “we can do something”. That something needed to be positive and a mechanism to banish fear. We, humans, use light to push back the shadows and that light is education with the spreading of ideas. The more we know about AI and