Yes, No, Its complicated – the best minds in AI try to answer!

What is the question in AI?

As with heavier than air flight, it was first thought about over 500 years ago, well before it could happen and even yet, 400 years later, and only 100 years from lift off, it was still thought to be impossible and more than another 500 years away.

No one envisaged the size of the jumbo jets for example in terms of their own lift off yet along moving hundreds of people at a time and millions of people each year let alone move everything else from good to medicines, military to intelligence capabilities.

So AI isn’t new, its had a slow run and a few fast spurts, its taking off for sure but is that just machine learning and trawling big data or is that AGI and autonomy for devices of all shapes and sizes?

If it does arrive what is to be embedded in it for human control and accountability, is that needed, is that possible. The world is alert to this as many events and discussions show. However when, how and how big: “yes,no, its complicated”! – Elon Musk Nick Bostrom Ray Kurzweil Superintelligence panel of 10 experts.

AI paradigm shifts, are they months years or decades away, real AI, AGI and human experience game changers, will they come soon? You can only answer – yes, no it complicated? the only answers right now and we know they are all wrong!