12 days to go

Hello All,

Only 12 days to go and we are on track with the numbers, the venue and the subject leaders.

Numbers:  So far 66 have said that they will attend. This is great because our target was 60 to 70. We just need a few more recruits to cover the inevitable last-minute no-shows.

Subject leaders:
We now have David Wood, Chair of the London Futurists, who will also attend and will provide an extra dimension. David is an author and is involved in many meetups and conferences, check him out at @dw2  and Delta Wisdom

Sessions update:
We have an opportunity to open up a new slot. The idea being discussed at the moment is “Future of management in the post-tech and robotic world”

The event is also now open on Meetup.com: AI Unconference GX

We look forward to meeting you on the night!