An Idea Takes Shape

A meeting with Fernando Angulo and Nick Horslen very quickly turned into a “we can do something”. That something needed to be positive and a mechanism to banish fear. We, humans, use light to push back the shadows and that light is education with the spreading of ideas. The more we know about AI and the implications of technology the more likely we will be able to find a path to keep us humans in control.

I see two axes. 
  • On the vertical, we start with AI and end on the human in terms of format and order of content 
  • On the horizontal we look to invite people to attain a strategic expert layer within the group, it would be great if we could find people who tick boxes in
    – deep AI
    – brain / neuroscience
    – psychology
    – policy
    – research
    – transformation
    – human centric – coaches, inspiring people 
Nick Horslen has been reaching out and we are now starting to get some serious interest from incredible people. Watch this space.